Evaluation of student’s entrepreneurship competencies among private university students in Erbil, Kurdistan Region

Nabaz Nawzad Abdullah, PhD.
Lebanese French University


Even though the rate of growth of unemployed graduates is gradually increasing, entrepreneurship education as key element of modern pedagogy is seen as a significant variable for economic growth in developing countries to be one of the factors that can increase employment. Entrepreneurial education is measured as an essential function which impacts on entrepreneurial intentions and competency building that could be achieved through the implementation of Bologna Process. This research attempted to establish the impact of higher education in Kurdistan on entrepreneurial intentions. The research adopted layered random sampling, and a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data from 224 respondents. The data received from the respondents was analysed using the SPSS programmed. The results revealed no relation existed between entrepreneurial intentions and current education and university life, but a positive relationship between social factors. The study also found that the main motivation of student’s entrepreneurship is to gain more money and maintain their social status. The demonstrated that students after graduation wants to work for other people as they are lack of competency and real life experience to develop their own business and graduated from classical system in which teachers were the centre of education . Higher educational institutions should fuse the positive change of skills and mind-set with regard to entrepreneurship in university life and academic education to nurture students’ entrepreneurial intentions. They can achieve this by developing an entrepreneurial culture amongst support and academic staff together with student clubs as part of Bologna Process implementation. In light of the importance of entrepreneurship, it is advisable to transform the educational system to encourage innovation and creativity in students.