The Impact of the financial procedure on the Implementation

Student-Centered Learning: Student’s Entrepreneurial Competencies

Implementation of Bologna Process in Kurdistan Region:
Lessons Learned

Restructuring Bologna Process in Kurdistan Universities to Promote Student-Centered Learning and Competency-Based Education

Impact of Bologna Process on Specialized Accreditation in (KRI) Universities

ڕۆڵی جێبەجێکردنی پرۆسەی بۆڵۆنیا لە بەنێودەوڵەتیکردنی کەرتی خوێندنی باڵا لە هەرێمی کوردستانی عێراق: ئاڵنگاریەکان و دەرفەتەکان

The Impact of the Bologna Process on the Quality Assurance Standards in the Kurdistan Region Higher Education

Bologna process conference: A Neıghbours experıence