Factors affecting course registration in Architectural Engineering Department

Salahaddin Yasin Baper
Salahaddin University


This study inspected the effects of student opinion on course selection in Salahaddin university/college of Engineering. It aims to indicate the main factors that affecting course selection in bologna process system. The concept of Bologna process is applied in Kurdistan to create common higher education area in the region which intended to increase mobility, and inclusive comparability of programs within similar higher education institutes.

More precisely, the aim is to indicate how bologna process course selection have affected what goes on in the classroom by comparing select aspects of studying in both pre-and post-Bologna times at Salahaddin university-college of engineering. The methodology of this study is questionnaire-based cross-sectional survey of a random selection of Architectural Engineering students plus intensive interviews with experts in the field of architectural engineering. Results indicate that the process of course selection is positively affected the students’ academic performance, also the bologna process is one of the effective factors in improving Kurdistan higher education as comprehensive accreditation system in Kurdistan education system.