Towards a Successful Implementation of the Bologna Process: Internship and Final Year Project at the Colleges of Education at University of Duhok

Dr. Ameen Abdulqader Omar
University of Duhok, College of Languages


Enhancing the quality and relevance of learning and teaching is a core mission of the Bologna Process. Thus, Bologna reform supports curriculum development in accordance with higher qualifications. To implement it successfully in the Kurdistan region, we should take advantages of other countries’ implementation of the process and focus on every stage of higher education carefully. This study explores final semester curricula development of the colleges of Education and Basic Education at the University of Duhok as examples. As these colleges belong to the applied sciences colleges, student skills and trainings are pivotal in their studies.

This study examines both internship and final year project in the last semester. The internship is an arrangement between the college or institute and the organisation to provide practical knowledge to the students about the real world and workplace. Also, I will argue that the final semester should focus on a major project and make full use of the research and communication skills acquired in the previous years. The study demonstrates that the final semester of the both above mentioned colleges should be devoted for these two skills; and the ECTS of the two modules should cover the whole semester workload.